Our mission at Building Bridges is to help children with social delays, ADD, autism, and impulse control issues, become happy, social, communicative people. We use scientifically proven techniques to help children succeed in the home, classroom, and community. Our team of therapists understand that your child is unique and are committed to helping your child reach his or her full potential. We look forward to working with your child and being an effective resource for your family. Please Contact Us if there is any further information we can provide about ourselves and our services.



ABA and Group Therapy 

Building Bridges is currently seeing new patients for ABA and group therapy. We have a range of groups for children with social delays, Aspergers, PDD, and Autism. 

Skills targeted include: playing cooperatively, sharing, conversation, staying with the group, taking turns, following directions, and fine and gross motor skills.  Children have fun, make friends and learn the social skills needed for success in the classroom, and life. Spaces are limited.

Building Bridges accepts most insurance, if your child has an Autism diagnosis. 

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"Our daughter was having so much trouble communicating that she would throw tantrums for hours at a time every day and practice self injurious behaviors.  She is now a much happier little girl and she is beginning to use so many new words. Her fits are now generally less than five minutes long and she can be redirected.  I am certain that much of this can be attributed to Building Bridges.  The staff is incredible! They have a unique ability to reach our daughter and get her to enjoy learning.  Building Bridges has helped us to know our daughter better and is helping create hope for a bright future for her and the rest of our family.  I am incredibly grateful that Building Bridges was available to our family!"

Fantastic treatment for my son on the spectrum

"Building Bridges provides world class ABA and social skills training and runs a smashing program!

My son has been attending Bridges for over 3 years (he is now 6) and I am stunned at his progress. His teachers are insightful, caring, and really understand his needs. They push him to grow, but within his ability to tolerate.

I really don't doubt that my son would not be as fully integrated and high functioning if it weren't for the consistent high quality therapy at Building Bridges."


" We traveled from way long overseas distance, Middle East, to Oregon to have our daughter joining Building Bridges services since 2009. Without any courtesy, Building Bridges uniquely moved our daughters from severe autism to significant better behavior modifications and positioning within the spectrum of autism in terms of positive behavior and communications progresses. Such services have been delivered by professional and active team members and managed by true sincere leadership of Mrs. Emily Hoyt. The team built the foundations of variety of skills and improved our daughter's current talents toward better quality of life for her managing the future and us as caring family. In summery, we believe that our daughter is simply in safe and most professional hands in town "

                                                                                     - Parents of Lama AbuHamdeh

My son has been working with the Building Bridges for 3 years. We cannot say enough how grateful we are for them! My son was in CRC classroom at the local public school for half a year, when we started working with Bridges. After 2 months with the Bridges my son's speech pathologist said that he has never seen a child improve as much as my son has improved in just 2 months. He made tremendous speech gains, became more aware of the world around him, and now he can attend school with the typical children in a small environment, he has friends, and his genuine and keen personality started to shine through. When we started with Bridges, he came to people with the same phrase that he said over and over again "Thomas the Train". Now he is a fluent reader, he is capable of lengthy conversations with peers, teachers and friends, grandparents are thrilled to talk to him on the phone, he shares mutual interests with his friends, and he is in the soccer league. Overall, we feel that Bridges intervened in my son's development at the right time, and they were absolutely best investment of our time and resources. Thank you!  

                                                                                               -Kate, West Linn, OR

"My son Christian began ABA in early 2007 when he was 2 years old.  Building Bridges helped my son learn to eat a variety of foods, potty training, getting dressed, brushing his teeth along with facilitating speech.  He is now 6 years old and I can say with certainty that the help they gave to Don and I as parents in learning how to parent a child with autism along with the patience they continue to have in helping Christian learn independence skills at a critical time, paved the way for him to learn how to behave in a group, along with taking instruction in a class setting."

                                                                                                      -Belinda Hanson

"I'm sure you hear this all the time, but Bridges is the best. I would never have expected to see this new happy little boy, so much different than how he was before he came to the facility. Thank you!"

                                                                                                       -Mika Stenberg

“Jon and I are so happy at the progress that Joseph has made over the past 18 months, and all of you have played a significant role in who he is today. He is the most incredible little boy, a great deal because of these special ladies in his life. What you do for these kids is priceless, and I commend you all for dedicating yourselves to something so meaningful. Thank you so much.”

                                                                                                   -Lisa, Portland OR

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